This May Get a Little Seedy: Summer Garden, Part 1

Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend in all of this beautiful weather. It’s almost like we skipped Spring around here, but I’m not complaining too much because that means it’s time to start on some projects!

You may remember that it was one of my goals for this year and I am proud to say that last week, I officially started my little garden! It’s still a bit early to start putting things in the ground, but it’s the perfect time to start growing the things to put in the ground. At least it is for me. I’m no P. Allen Smith, but this is how I roll in the garden and it starts with some seeds in March.

So, here’s what I did:

1. I picked up a mini greenhouse and some seeds from Lowes. It has great instructions, and even a little video link you can watch from your iPhone. I heart technology and gardening.

2. Then you just open her up and straighten out all the little pods.

3. Pour in your water according to the directions. 

4. Watch them pop up and then spread them out.

5. Add your seeds and cover them up! The instructions tell you to plant things with similar germination times. I may have read that after I selected my seeds. oops. Don’t tell P. Allen.

6. Gently water some more (they mean gently. If you water too much, your dirt will float to the top and maybe move your seeds into other pods. Not that I did that, either)

7. Cover her up, place her somewhere warm place with light (we chose the laundry room- artificial light will have to do because we don’t have anywhere to keep it near a window), check on her regularly and talk to her very sweetly so she’s encouraged to grow. I’m sure P. Allen does this too. Everyone whispers sweet nothings to little seeds. Everyone who is anyone or P. Allen Smith.

And don’t forget to label your pods! The little seedlings won’t be recognizable for some time so this little chart is a necessity.

I also planted some little pots of herbs. Happiness is cutting your own herbs from your own yard while cooking dinner. And also not having to pay crazy grocery store prices. P. Allen Smith totally agrees.

We’ll see what happens! Hopefully we’ll have some little sprouts here soon and a summer full of veggie goodness! Everyone say it with me: grow, grow, GROW(please) !!!!!

note: just to keep it totally real, I had sprouts of lettuce and spinach 2 days after planting, but I ordered a new lens for my camera that should be here this week, so I’m waiting for the next phase of updates for that. My old lens works just fine, I’m just excited about the new one. And I also just like to reference P. Allen Smith a lot.


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