Pinterest Challenge: Good as Gold

It may be 80 degrees outside but it’s still technically winter for a few more days and that means it’s time for the…

Oh dear. I am so excited! 4 lovely hostesses (Katie, Sherry, Erin and Cassie) are throwing the biggest and best party ever and I’m inviting myself! This is too fun to miss!

The challenge was pretty simple- to make one of the bajillion things you keep pinning. That sounds easy enough, but picking the perfect pin- not so easy. But I did it and here is what I picked

I had been lusting over little brass occasional tables I’ve been seeing out and about (for way too much money) and then I saw this one. Courtney from A Thoughtful Place (whom I love and want to move into her house!) transformed a simple little (cheap!!!) metal table into the classiest little place to rest a drink I’ve ever seen and totally inspired me to pick up a can of spray paint and spread some gold.

The only problem was finding the perfect little table to gild. I searched the flea market, Southeastern Salvage and just about everywhere I went and couldn’t find a little table to spray. Until this challenge came about and I hmmmm…

Well hello there little hand-me-down plant stand in the corner of the dining room. Allow me to introduce you to my new friend. 

I think you two will get along just fine. Let’s head to the garage and get to know each other better. And that is just what we did. A few thin coats in and I was kind of falling in love. Yummy! Let’s take a look at the whole thing Much improved, huh? Not quite as perfect as the inspiration, but at a whopping $5 for the can of spray paint I’m a happy girl. How about another look? Ok, here you go!

I’m really liking the touch of gold in the room. It stands out yet blends in at the same time. What should I spray next? Watch out furniture- I’m armed with a can of gold spray paint and a “pin this” button and I know how to use them! Thanks for this inspiration and the challenge!


3 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge: Good as Gold

    • Thanks, Casey! I feel the same way about spray paint, but for some reason I find it easier with the “fancy” kind of nozzle. It may just be my imagination but I paint so much better with those :)
      I’m headed over to see your pillow right now. I’m sure it’s great like all your projects!

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