Flea Market Finds: February

Well hello there, friends! I know some of you have been losing some serious sleep because you know that I went to the Nashville Flea Market last week and I have not told what I got. How inconsiderate of me! :)

I know the suspense hasn’t been that bad, and I have to warn you, I didn’t get much. We’re talking $8, but I still want to share what I brought home this month.

If you saw my pretty Hydrangeas from Trader Joe’s, you may have caught a teeny glimpse of 2 of my purchases, But let’s take a closer look 

maybe you need a closer, close look.

Old books! I picked a couple that I just loved the colors and graphics on for $1 each. Deal! and look, this one was even owned by “Hunky.” Priceless

Purchase #2 came in at a whopping $4 and was my splurge for the day, but it was also part of a birthday gift for my Father-in-Law. It’s a print of Union Station in Nashville and he loved it!

Last but not least, was a little gift for my sweet husband. If you did the math you know I spent $2. This one really requires no explanation but just know that he has had a ton of fun hitting these babies into the woods behind our house. 

Did anyone else make it to the flea market? I know you can’t beat my 75 golf balls for $2, but how did you do?


4 thoughts on “Flea Market Finds: February

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