Biscuits, Buttercups and Tons of Pictures (Oh My!)

We sometimes have a weekend day, every once in a while where we stay home and don’t do much at all. I may do a little cleaning or a small project but really on those days it’s a whole lot of pajama wearing and nothing. Last Saturday was one of those days. There is nothing wrong with having those every now and then, but after you do, if you’re at all like me, you crave something a little more exciting for your next weekend and that is just what we did.

And sometimes that little something exciting is not so far away and smells like biscuits. Yummmm. 

If you’ve ever watched the food network or heard of a biscuit you probably know about the Loveless Cafe. I hate to admit it, but I have been a Tennessean my whole life and I’ve never been, until Saturday. 

Oh happy day! It really did smell heavenly. Robb opted for the pancakes, solid choice.

But before I show you what I got, let me tell you a little something about me. I hate to brag, but I am a really, really good orderer at restaurants.  I’m kind of known for it. Like when we go out for work lunches, people have learned to see what I order and get that too. It sometimes takes me a little while to  decide but when I do, just take a look for yourself…

That is what they call a biscuit sampler and it was one of my best choices ever. You get four biscuits with ham, barbecue, steak and chicken. It was a lot of meat, but it was amazingly delicious. Amazing. I took a bite of each and went around the plate, then I made my way around the opposite direction. It was kind of an art and it was kind of amazing. I could eat this everyday. (I could also have a heart attack, but it was a nice treat)

And our one remaining biscuit- you can tell that the blackberry preserves were my FAVORITE

Even though we were really, really full we kept on trucking to Green Hills and the Container Store. While I may be really good at ordering, I am AWFUL at using gift cards. I like to hold onto them until I am completely sure I’m getting exactly what I want. We’re talking FIVE trips to the Container Store before I used my birthday money for there. But I used it, all of it and this is what $50 of organizational bliss looks like…

Look forward to some gallery wall and desk updates really, really soon. One last stop- Trader Joe’s and one last treat- the best $5.99 I’ve spent in awhile. I don’t know that I’ve ever had fresh hydrandeas before but I am so glad I don’t live closer to Trader Joe’s. That daily $5.99 would add up pretty quickly.

Sunshine, fresh flowers, biscuits- these all make me so happy for what’s to come when Spring finally makes its way to us. I just can’t wait. It looks like our trees can’t either. They are starting to slowly bud… 

Jane Magnolias and Plum trees… 

The grass is getting greener and the pansies are perking back up after the cold. 

The days are getting a little longer and one of my favorites, the buttercups, seem to be sticking around a bit longer this year. Our neighborhood is on an old farm that runs by a creek and this is what we have to enjoy on our afternoon walks…

And on days like today, I pick a few for myself. And even thought it’s still a little chilly out, they sure do put some Spring to the table and I enjoy every second of it, like four biscuits full of meat (or whatever makes you happiest:)) 


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