Let’s Go Shopping: Southeastern Salvage

This past weekend I made it to the Nashville Fairgrounds Flea Market (more on that later, but YAY!). We had a really fun day and it included a trip to Southeastern Salvage. If you’ve ever been, you know it’s a different place every time you visit. There are always tons of mirrors, frames, furniture, lamps and great accessories- but the inventory constantly changes and is so much fun to shop.

I only bought one little doormat, but I fell in love with so many items I wanted to show you my favorites and some ideas I have for them. So, are you ready???

They have a ton of rugs, but this is almost exactly what I’ve been looking for for our living room. It was quite large but $299 was a bit more than I wanted to spend this week but I LOVE IT! Maybe next time

These were the first of many chairs I fell for. At $77 a piece, these are a steal! And these were a bit pricier (I think $149) but they are soooooo pretty! Imagine a couple of these at the head of the table and the more affordable crossbacks above at the other places. Sooo pretty!

How fun are these $79 metal chairs? You could use these inside, outside, at the table, or maybe even as a desk chair for a more traditional style desk. Or maybe…… with a Restoration Hardware feeling table? I never would have thought of this, but I LOVE it!

And last but not least, I really like the shape of these wishbone chairs. I tend to be more drawn to taller backed chairs, but these really show me the appeal of petite chairs. (PS these were $99 each)

This.Couch.Was.GINORMOUS!!!! IF I could afford it ($2800 or $2900- I cant remember, sorry!) and IF I could get it home it wouldn’t even fit. It was maybe the biggest sofa I have ever seen (they had a smaller version and a love seat, but what fun is that?) but it was gorgeous. I so love nail head trim and the chesterfield style right now. Maybe someday I’ll find a teeny version of my very own.Let’s get back to my spring fever shall we? I think I need a prescription for a set of these. They look like the old gliders my grandmother had, but are new and have a bit more of a modern shape. I forgot how much they were, but yes please.

And speaking of Spring Fever, what about all of these metal vases, watering cans and little buckets? I could decorate all Spring and Summer with these! Full of flowers or just arranged outside for some color- Love!!!

And last but not least…

Who doesn’t need a monkey of many colors? Or maybe not :)

I may have just walked away with a $7 doormat (that I forgot to take a picture of, but it has an “S” on it, just imagine it, ok?) but I really walked away with tons of inspiration and hopefully you found a bit too. Thanks Southeastern Salvage!


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