So I got a brand new bag

It is a really, really happy day for me. I FINALLY found a new purse. This is a big deal for me. HUGE. It’s been over a year since my last bag purchase. Do I even have to say what a llllloooonnnngggg time that is for this girl who loves her some shoes and bags? It’s an eternity in accessory years. But with my new purchase comes some good news and some bad news

Yep, I love it, but it’s just one black hole. So I guess it’s time to make a confession. My purse is kind of like my closet was before the great purge– one big chaotic mess. So in order for this great new bag to work (that was a steal for $36 at TJ Maxx, thank you!) I was going to have to find a way to control the chaos.

Step one: I emptied everything out. It was a mess! I could have paid for the new bag in the recovered change.

Step 2: Purge and catagorize. And it’s starting to look better, right?

Step 3: This is where it gets fun (at least for me!) I got a little zipper bag for each category. Now that’s what I like to call organization!

Everything has a home and you know what? It’s actually working for me! No more digging to find a pen or whatever. I haven’t lost my keys or phone once! It doesn’t take much to make me happy, but a well organized bag definitely has me smiling (and maybe petting my new purse like it’s a furry little animal occasionally). What do you think? Did I conquer the chaotic black hole? I’m thinking so far so good :)


3 thoughts on “So I got a brand new bag

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  2. Not so long ago most of my handbags were pretty small because the insanity of black-hole purses drives me, well… insane. When I started hauling a laptop everywhere I go, I carried my tiny, stylish purse and a computer bag until all of my essentials migrated from the cute tote to the not-so-cute-but-useful one, which also drives me nuts. My solution, in the end, has been to purchase stylish purses capable of concealing the computer and sort the rest in smaller pouches, just like your solution. I’ve stuck with this system, almost without effort for many months.

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