Red Hot, Red Hot: Gallery Love, Part 3

Once upon a time,  I made a little gallery wall.Then I added enough Christmas Cheer to make Buddy Happy. 

But Christmas doesn’t last forever in this fairy tale so I had to make some changes and that is exactly what I did. The idea is to phase in permanent pieces as I can (i.e. slowly). I was gifted a couple of new upgrade frames (thanks, mama!) so they went up in place of some others with some of the artwork I’ve picked up on trips. Like this photo print I bought at the Pike Place Market of the first Starbucks on my first trip to Seattle. 

Next  up is kind of random for a Living Room wall (in my opinion) but I tried it and LOVED it so much! It’s my Andy Warhol Print from the MoMa in NYC

So what did I replace the rest of the Christmas cheer with? VALENTINE cheer, of course! Like these Christmas ornaments I got for $0.10 for 3 at Target. 

And I added a few printables (all pinned on my Pinterest board if you would like them, too), some scrapbook paper and some hearts… … and TADA! A complete Gallery Wall all over again. 

I don’t know why, but every single time I add something to the wall, I fall more and more in LOVE with it. Funny how that happened this time. LOVE :)

* did anyone get the song reference in the title? Hint, the next line may be “Baby, you’re red hot, red hot” and it may be Debbie Gibson. :) One last look so I didn’t totally ruin this for you…


3 thoughts on “Red Hot, Red Hot: Gallery Love, Part 3

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