Happy Monday! If you’re visiting from Jen’s Trash to Treasure Link Party at I Heart Organizing (one of my FAVORITES!) WELCOME! I am so happy you stopped by! So let’s just get started and talk a little about my project. It wasn’t a thrift store, yard sale, anything like that kind of find. I feel awful for categorizing it as “trash” because it was a wedding present from really really nice people. We were so blessed with so many gifts. There we tons of duplicates (5 cakeplates and triffle dishes, thanks Belk) that we had to return but almost everything- even things we didn’t register for worked for us. With this exception. So let’s just not call it trash, it was such a nice gift it just didn’t work any where in our house, at all. Take a look. 

See what I mean? While I appreciate the gift so much, it just doesn’t fit our style as is.  But I liked the shape and the details so why not paint it? And that my friends, is exactly what I did. (BTW as I’ve written this entire post I’ve also rewritten a certain Beyonce song in my head. Let’s just say the chorus goes something like “If you don’t like it then you should put white paint on it.” There may have even been some dancing involved.)

So you want to see if you like it now that I put white paint on it? See what you think…

And there you have it! I don’t think there is much that a few coats of white paint can’t improve. Now it fits perfectly in our home sweet here A thoughtful gift, turned into exactly what I needed to complete my little shelf. And here is one last look and the transformation. 

IHeart Organizing


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