Little Things: Feed the Need

It’s Friday and it’s time again for …

It’s true. Sometimes what takes you a few minutes can change someone else’s day. I shared an idea last week that I am ok at. I’ll give myself a generous B+. But this next idea I give myself a total F. I am no good at all, but I share it with you becuase

  1. I really want to do better because…
  2. I’ve been on the receiving end of this the past few weeks.

You see, my sweet mama had some back surgery a few weeks ago and while she’s done really, really great with her recovery, that lady is just not up to her normal superwoman standards. I’ve done an ok job at taking her food and such and trying to help out (let’s continue with the grades, I give myself a C on that), but her friends have been so incredibly generous with sending over yumminess. They have really, really blessed our family. So, I wanted to share some of the ideas for what you can take someone who is under the weather, recovering from surgery, just had a baby, lost a loved one, whatever the need this should help you feed!

Some of these ideas are taken directly from what my family has received and some are inspired by them. If any of you givers happen to be reading, consider this another thank you- for the yummies and the inspiration.

I really, really, REALLY hope to do better at this when people need some extra care. So this is 99.9% a challenge for me. If it inspired you as well, then that’s just extra special and I give you an A+. Do you have favorite recipes or ideas to cheer someone up? I would love to hear from you too. This is that sharing thing I was hoping we could do. Just to get it started, this is my favorite recipe for the Buffalo Chicken dip I talked about above. It gets and A+ every time. :)


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