The Great Purge: Closet Make-Over Part 1

One of my goals for the new year was to get my crazy closet in order. It was bad. So bad I couldn’t even take a real before picture. I think that may be called denial. But it was that bad, like make-me-want-to cry-before-I go-to-work-because-I-can’t-find-anything kind of awful. I had literally closed the door on my problem one too many times. The denial had to stop so I kept moving right onto acceptance and started the great purge.

So I thought I would just jump right in and show you my after. Are you ready for it? All it took was a little picking up and straightening and… TADA!


Just kidding! This is what I call a DELUSION! My closet does not and will never look like this  (unless we win the lottery then it will look like this but better!) Anyway. I made some major progress. MAJOR. I purged. I even purged shoes. This is huge for me. I heart my shoes. Every little one of them. Right and Left. I am that girl. But I got rid of some- the ones I never ever wear, ones that were broken beyond repair and even the really cute ones that hurt so bad I could cry thinking about it. Goodbye, old frieds. 

In case you can’t tell those are two ginourmous bags of clothes and a (not as ginournous) bag of shoes in the middle waiting in the garage for the next train to Goodwill. I’ll take your “Well done,” now, please. Thank you. And the purge doesn’t stop there. Take a look at my hangers.

Notice anything unusual? If you guessed that my hangers don’t match, I’m going to need you to get over that before we move any further. I would love to have all matchy fancy hangers, but I just got rid of some wire hangers from my mix so I’m happy with my progress. Baby steps.

What I hope you noticed is they are all turned the wrong way. This is not my idea. I have read it so many places I can’t even remember whose it was, so if it’s your idea- thank you, here’s your credit. For those of us who did not come up with this genius idea, let me fill you in. You turn all your hangers backwards until you wear something. Then you turn it the correct way. So at the end of a certain time period, if it’s still turned backwards you know you didn’t wear it and it’s maybe time to say goodbye. Here’s what it looks like in live action (sorry, I watched the turtle man again tonight)

Two days in and this is working for me so far. The purge felt pretty good and I’m looking forward to getting rid of the next stragglers. Is my closet perfect? No Way! Did I make some MAJOR progress? Expletive Yes! Since this is a work in progress, let’s look at the whole thing. This is the look that I will count as “befores” as we get more into this little project. 

See those bins up top? Want a closer look in one? I thought so… 

Extra hangers! Robb worked on this little part of the project and made these way more orderly than it was. Thank you!!

Let’s talk about the whole space

Things I like:

  • It’s way more in order and easy to see things. (this does not make it easier to pick out clothes in the morning, just so you know)
  • My shoe system- boxes with pictures. Yes, please. It works.
  • The ottoman- makes it easy to store summer things out of the way and reach the top shelf.

Things I don’t like so much:

  • It needs some love and better storage solutions on the shelves.
  • I still have too many clothes- more purging required.
  • Lighting- our builder picked really good stuff with a few exceptions and these lights are a big one.
  • And maybe the biggest- I need to maintain it. As in, clothes go on hangers not floors. hmmm.

So far so good. And a sign of my progress…

That’s right! I can sit down IN MY CLOSET to put on my shoes. Win! I’m liking it but Avery was a little confused by the whole situation. I think it will grow on her too, what do you think?

* first closet picture from kraftmaid gallery. A girl can dream :)


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