Quick Change: My (utensil) Cup Runeth Over

Happy Monday! I mentioned on Friday that big projects just aren’t possible all the time but little ones still matter. Here’s a quick change we just made at our Home Sweet Here. Take a look at the problem.

Or I guess I should say problems- too many utensils not enough room. I’ve already purged, I have placed drawer appropriate items in the drawers and I really do use all of these. I like to cook and I like having the proper spoon, spoonula, spatula or spider for what I’m doing- what’s wrong with that? (Please don’t turn me into untensil hoarders, it’s not that many)

What’s wrong with that is my holder (a pottery barn pitcher snagged at the outlet years and years ago) just wasn’t enough room and it was driving my poor husband nuts every time he put away the dishes. He was getting kind of tired of injuring his knuckles jamming the stuff in there. And since he puts away the dishes 99% of the time, I really, really wanted to decrease his injuries and increase my storage space.

We looked lots of places with no luck. It appears I really have more than the average utensil holder can hold (still doesn’t make me a hoarder, just makes those things teeny!) So we looked at alternatives. I was thinking another larger pitcher but we couldn’t find one that was any bigger than what we have. Until an epiphany hit me in TJ Maxx and I found this…

It’s a pot. Like for flowers and such. It’s huge. It was only $5.99 so it was totally worth a try. We bought it right then and there. Robb may have even done a little happy dance in the store. Or I may have made that part up.

We brought her home and TADA! Utensil conundrum solved! Who else has used an unconventional solution  to a storage issues? Share some ideas, please! 


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