Little Things: Celebrate!

As much as I would love to do big projects everyday, you know the ones that are exhausting and labor-some, but that you stand back when it’s all over and can really see what you just did, it’s not possible. I don’t have the time, money, and honestly- the energy. But I’ve been thinking about little things you can do, that take just minutes and fit seamlessly into your everyday life because…

I have several ideas I’m going to share with you over the course of the next few weeks, and you’ll find these are not so much home-improvement related as they are life-improvement related. Let me get to my point before you stop reading thinking I’m trying to turn this into an episode of Oprah. There’s no “aha” moment here, just an idea about taking the time to be nice. That’s all.

Step one: Celebrate!

Here’s a confession: I love mail. I am seriously a fan of the US Postal Service on Facebook. (I bet some of you didn’t even know you could be a fan of such a thing, right?) But I love it! I don’t care if there are bills in the mailbox and it’s 30 degrees outside. I genuinely love getting the mail. Weird, maybe.

Even if you don’t share my love of the mail, I bet you all light up just a little when you go to the mailbox on your special day and pull out a birthday card. You can admit it, it’s ok. You’re in a safe place.

And yes, I just took more than 250 words to tell you to…


I am by no means the best at this or even good at it. My BFF is. This is one of the bajillion things that she is my role model for accomplishing. But it is so stinking simple. And it’s only January. How many birthday’s could you have missed? How about a new, New Years Resolution? I thought you might like that idea. Here are just a few tips to how this can work into your routine.

  1. At the beginning of the month- make your list of who has birthdays (you can even do a couple of months to really get ahead)
  2. Keep that list with you and when you’re out and about- stop by the card section. Try the grocery store, Target, wherever you already have to go. There are so many really good $0.99 cards out there, you can’t really even use price as an argument. Hallmark also has really good ones where you can buy like 10 in a pack for $4.99 and they have a great rewards program where you can earn money back and free cards. Can’t beat that.
  3. Then when you’re doing your bills or whatever, just add your cards to the mix. Write a little message- signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours or, you make someone’s day!
  4. Pat yourself on the back because you just mailed a little piece of happiness! Well done, you.

For bonus points, you can even craft up a little homemade card. Once upon a time I did that. It was fun and kind of cheaper because I had all the supplies. But I’ll never be as funny as  Hallmark. Ever.

For even more bonus points, keep some of those $0.99 appropriate for everyone cards at your desk at work. If you hear it’s someone’s birthday, drop one on their desk. Spread birthday cheer everywhere!

And lastly, for those of you who probably already stopped reading because you have forsaken the good old US Postal Service for something more technologically advanced like texting and email. While it’s super nice to get a birthday wish on facebook from that girl you sat next to for one day in first grade and haven’t seen since (except on facebook so you know her dog’s name, what she had for dinner last night and all kinds of other creepy details), do something a little extra for those people you know in reality. If you just don’t want to send a real card, at least send a pretty text or email. E-cards are way better than no cards and if you’re an iPhone user, the Red Stamp app is GREAT! You can make a really pretty text or email (for FREE!) or even send a post card (for about $1.99) from your phone. How great is that? They’ve got lots of great options for other holidays and events too. Even you techy-techersons have no excuse for not sending a pretty card.

So why are you still here reading this? Go grab your calendar and start making a list! BTW, I’m November 12th. That gives you like 10 months to build this good habit. I expect my mailbox to overflow.

Another little BTW- I mention a few companies, businesses, whatever. There are like 3 people that read this (counting me) so if you stumbled upon this post for the first time, let me be clear, they didn’t pay me or anything, it’s just what I like so I wanted to share :)


5 thoughts on “Little Things: Celebrate!

  1. Thanks for the great advice. I just bought the red stamp app and can’t wait to give it a try. I blog about apps sometimes ( my favourites) and now I have a new one to add to my list. So grateful! Have a great day ! Lynne xx

      • Hi Brandy ! If you are looking for the apps on my blog, you will see them listed under the header TOOLS OF THE TRADE. I adore taking pictures ( I am an interior designer) and my absolute all time favourite photo apps are cartoonatic and hipstamatic. Ahhhmazzzing :)
        Off to try my RED STAMP now ! So excited !

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