Super Impressive/Super Easy Dressed-Up Brownies, Part 2

A few weeks ago I told you about one of my favorite ways to dress up plain old brownies. That is not the only brownie-mix-upgrade-trick I have up my sleeve. My favorite just might be to ice them, and I’m not talking a can from the grocery store. You can get away with cheating with brownie mix (which you have in your pantry now, right?) if you add some flavor and flair with the perfect icing. It is so easy you will never want to buy it from a can again.

Here’s how simple this is. Just mix up a 9×13 pan of your favorite brownies. Bake them as you normally would and let them cool completely. You can even do this part a day early and cover them.

Now that your brownies are cool, let’s make our icing. Beat 1/2 a stick of butter (softened) with 1/2 a stick of cream cheese (softened) with your electric mixer until it’s super creamy. Add powdered sugar and mix it until you get the perfect consistency (it should be just a bit creamier than canned icing). If you added too much sugar, just throw in a splash of milk to thin it out. Add and splash of vanilla and/or almond extract and cocoa until it’s to be chocolaty enough for you.

Now you just have standard chocolate icing. To really dress up your brownies add one of these for some extra flavor:

  • Kahlua (shown here)
  • Coffee
  • Irish Cream
  • Skip the Cocoa and just add vanilla and your favorite food color for a theme
  • Peppermint extract and crushed Andes mints
  • Almond Extract and a Cherry

The list could go on and on, but these are some of my favorites. Just be sure you give it time to set before you slice them or you’ll have a gooey messy, a gooey delicious mess, but you may lose some points on presentation.

You will never go wrong with these brownies. Trust me, I took them to a party and everyone died over them. Another guest made a beautiful trifle that never made it out of the fridge because of my Kahlua brownies. Delicious!


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