There you are, desk!

One of my goals for this year was to get everything in the office in order. My first order of business was to take care of the paper clutter. I really try to keep things in order, but sometimes I just throw the mail, or something else on the desk. And then I repeat that. Over and over, until it ends up something like this…

Ugly. Bleh. You want to know another secret? If I need to clear away the clutter in a hurry, do you know what I do? I take everything off the desk and do you remember the bins in the shelf behind the desk? They look like this…

If you could look closer, inside, they look more like this..

Ugly, but I’m being real. I use those to clean in a hurry. Two of the three may look like that. Maybe.

So let’s start PURGING! I set up 4 stations to sort everything. Take a look at my categories, they worked for me.

And I sorted, and sorted until the desk was clear and the baskets were full!

Then I tackled the baskets one at a time. I payed the bills and attended to the things in the “Now” basket (and caught up on a little Secrets from a Stylist. I heart Emily Henderson. I think we could be friends in real life. Call me)

Then started my 2012 Filing System. I like to keep everything for the year. Just in case. I know there are those scanning things and lots of bills are paperless (which I take advantage of on lots my my bills), but I just feel better having all the paper stuff in one place. I made a list of all the categories I needed and made some labels.

Then I put it all together, started filing. We got the file box at Target for $13.99 and it has plenty of room for the whole year. If you’re keeping count, that emptied bin #2.

Then I just put the box in a safe place (lots of personal info in there!) and put my desk back together. I added this area so I could keep my personal calendar in place as well as have a space for my work calendar when I bring that home and any other little odds and ends that are in limbo. The frame is a project for another day.

And on the other side I have everything else I need. Sharpies, sharpies and more sharpies. It’s an obsession but I make no apologies. I corralled them all with a $3ish paint bucket from Lowe’s. There is also a coaster for my coffee mug and a little bird vessel for paper clips and teeny post-its.

I even started on the shelf behind the desk. The two offending bins are clear so I added some labels to the magazine holders to keep me organized.

There’s not much that a label or a sharpie can’t fix, right?


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