Well, Hello There 2012

I may be a week late, but happy New Year to you! I really hope your 2012 is off to a great start. Mine has been a little busy (thus the unintentional week long break) but I’m back and ready to show your more of my Home Sweet Here!

I already shared that 2011 was a great year for me. This year has a lot to live up to, but I’m ready to get it started! I thought instead of traditional resolutions (that are too easy to break) I would set some goals for Home Sweet Here and (hopefully!) you can see them as they happen right here in live action (anyone who gets that little joke wins about a bajillion points with me. And if you know where that is from, I really did just go there. Really) Here’s what I’m thinking so far…

Around the House:

1. Bonus Room – We use the bonus room lots for watching TV and just lounging around. It is really comfy and cozy but it needs some love and color. And it needs it to be cheap. We’ll see what happens.

2. Guest Bedroom– It’s not awful but it needs a little something. We’ll see how we can spice it up a bit.

3. Laundry Room– this is a teeny room that gets a lot of use so I know I can’t have one of those luxurious, chandelier-ed laundry spaces, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be prettier. Things can always be prettier, right?

5. Grow something- At my old house, I had the most wonderful little herb garden. I would go out there and cut whatever I needed for for whatever I was cooking right then. I would add some veggies and fruit in the spring and I just loved it.

In this house, I added a few herbs right out the back door last year, but I am ready for a real garden in the back yard. It will happen! 

And then planting some tulips in the fall. Watch out Spring 2013!

6. Hang Curtains- in my BFF’s house. Yes, BFF, this is important enough to make the list. She painted her bedroom the most fabulous teal-ish color and bought these at World Market. I just need to pack up my drill and level and head to her house. I wonder if she would even let you peek at the finished product? (hint, hint :))

4. Light It Up- I have 2 sets of lamps from the flea market that are in desperate need of a make-over. One set is even on our bedside tables and gets used every day! I have been waiting seriously over a year to redo them. I even bought the paint so I need to get those done!

5. Christmas in July- Well, maybe not quite that early, but I hope to start decorating, shopping, planning, wrapping and all that jazz way earlier this year. Christmas came so fast last year, I want to be ready this time around so we can just sit around and enjoy every second.

 In the Kitchen

1. Add Some Variety- I cook, lots. And I love it. I can have a stressfull day then come home and chop up veggies or bake something yummy and it really makes me feel better (the eating it part helps too) but sometimes I just run out of time to try new recipes. I have some really, really great cookbooks so I want to use them more and try new things.

2. Try Some Classics- For some reason there are a few things I’ve never tackled. I would like to change that this year. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Lasagna- I’ve made the veggie variety but never the classic stuff and I love me some lasagna.
  • Chicken Broth- I’ve heard it’s easy, so why not try making my own?
  • Roast Chicken- We eat just about every kind of chicken out there. If you really are what you eat, I would be clucking this to you. But I’ve never roasted a whole chicken. Let’s change that this year.
  • Real Biscuits- I have made real biscuits before, but its been awhile. Like it may have been for a 4-H project. I got a new pastry blender for Christmas so I am armed and dangerous ready for some fluffy, yummy biscuits
  • Fried Chicken- My Mama makes the BEST so this is probably the most ambitious but worth a try.
  • Creme Brulee- Have torch, will scorch. Eventually.


1. Jewelry- I’m not a crazy jewlery wearer, but somehow I have a drawer overflowing with it and various boxes in the closet. It’s insane. I forget what I have. It’s not working. I need therapy organization.

2. My Closet- I may not be a crazy jewelry wearer, but I am that crazy shoe girl. I have some shoes. Don’t ask me how many. I also have some clothes to wear with said shoes. Sometimes these items end up on the floor. And sometimes they stay there. What I’m saying is my closet does NOT look like this.

It needs some love this year and some regular maintentence

3. The Office– Papers beware, I’m coming for you

Blog Goals

1. Home Tour- I have blog stats. You’re  clicking here, I see you!

I bet you would like something to look at, right? I’m working on that. Maybe I’ll show you a room per week? What do you think?

2. Design/Mood/Inspiration Boards- I am always seeing things that maybe wouldn’t fit in my house but that I love and they inspire me so why not put together and show you what I’m thinking. Just maybe they’ll work in your Home Sweet Here.

3. Get to know you- This is for you. There are not a bajillion of you out there reading, but there are some of you (see #1- I see you!) and I love you already. When I get a comment notification or a new follower, or even a “like” it makes my day week. I just ask that you don’t be shy! Let me know you’re out there. Say hi! If you don’t want to leave a comment where everyone can see, email me or use the contact page. This is just a side hobby for me, so it may take me a day or 2 to get back to you but I will, that’s a promise. So many of you have told me that you were working on a similar project- show me! I want to see. Let’s share. Sharing is fun.

And a few personal things

1. Take a vacation- Yes please, stat.

2. Paint my fingernails- Sounds ridiculous but I never do this. Ever. Sitting still for that long is hard, but I covet pretty painted fingernails.

3. Enjoy- Everything. Simple enough, but that vacation will probably help ;)

And there you have it. Just a few things I hope to accomplish this year. I hope you’ll come along with me. We’ve got a lot to do, so let’s get started! Woo! Look out 2012!


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