Goodbye to a Good Year…

Let’s talk about 2011. I would love to give give you a list of the top 11 Home Sweet Here posts of 2011, but since this is #21, you can just as easily look back and see what we’ve been up to for the past month and a half.

What you get instead are 11 of my highlights from the year. Some blog realated. Some not. Some really were a big deal. Some were not. But all are great moments of this past year. In (mostly) random order, here we go.

1. Had the most perfect wedding and reception in the most perfect place to the most beyond perfect guy. Love him! 

*** all wedding photos above are from Photos by Alex. If you’re in the Middle Tennessee Area and need a photographer she is AMAZING!!!

2. While we’re talking perfect, I must mention our wonderful honeymoon here.

I have always dreamed of seeing all the tulips in bloom. Check.

3. Had a bajillion showers and received the blessings of about a bajillion and one gifts. Got writers cramp from the thank you notes, but I am NOT complaining one bit.

This was the bonus room filled with the loot. (sorry for the iPhone photo)

4. Despite my fear of cooking with yeast, I baked my first loaf of bread. Yum.

And then discovered giant zucchini and zucchini bread. Double Yum.

5. One word- Pinterest

6. Looked out the kitchen window to see this surprise in the backyard. I heart living in a subdivision in the country! 

7. Had a relaxing mini-vacation in the fall

8. Started this little blog

9. Got pinned on Pinterest- more than once! 

10. Volunteered for the third year to do some photography and graphics work for this race. I love this family, this cause, this race and every minute I spent working on it.

11. And just for good measure- I turned 30 and survived! 

So there you have it- 11 from 2011. I think I could add 100 more because it really was that great of a year. Now I say bring on 2012. If it’s anywhere near as great as 2011 I’m ready for you. Happy New Year wishes to all of you! Hope 2012 is your best yet!


4 thoughts on “Goodbye to a Good Year…

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