A Few of My Favorite Things

This was an absolutely wonderful Christmas! WONDERFUL! It was our first married Christmas (yay!), we got to spend time with lots and lots of family, ate so much yummy food I don’t know if I’ll ever recover and we were very, very blessed with gifts. I don’t mean to imply that Christmas is at all about gifts, I know it’s not but I had to take the opportunity to highlight some of my Christmas Superlatives that I think you’ll really like as well.

1. Most Intellectual– I am a huge nerd and did a happy dance when I got these books. I got a couple of new cookbooks (do you see a theme?) and some design books that have been on my list for quite a while.

2. Most Demanding- I have wanted this forever! I was lucky enough to attend a cooking class with my team from work last year. The chef at the cooking school had this hanging in the kitchen and I have wanted it ever since. We finally found it at TJ Maxx so I got it for Christmas.

3. Spiciest and Flightiest- Three of my favorite things- salt, pepper and birds! It’s almost like they were made for me!

4. Most Protective– Look under the birds and you’ll find our new placemats. The color is just perfect on Paula and I love that she is protected from the everyday stuff.

5. Most Productive- My daddy gets me tools for just about every occasion and I just love it! Here are just a few of the highlights from this year. Makes you want to DIY something, doesn’t it?

6. Most Thoughtful- With our extended family, only the kids get gifts. It’s just the way it always works and that is just fine with everyone- until this year. My cousin’s sweet kids decided to use their chore money to buy everyone gifts- I mean everyone. It was just the sweetest thing ever! Here is what I got.

7. Most Likely to Improve the Laundry Room- I cannot wait to hang this and take care of some laundry room clutter!

8. Most Likely to assist with New Years Resolutions- Nike gloves make running in the cold a little easier. If they could help with the getting off the couch part I would want 10 pairs, maybe more.

10. Most Polite– Just like my love of books, I also adore stationary, pens (especially Sharpies!) and to corral them all, this cute little organizer. Bliss!

11. Most Antique– My parents got these letterpress blocks from their friend at the flea market. I’m not totally sure where they will go yet, but I can imagine the perfect vignette they will complete. Love!

12. Nuttiest- I mentioned before that I collect Nutcrackers so I got a few new ones this year. This is actually my first girl nutcracker! My cousins got her for me because she looks like me. So sweet!

13. Cutest/Most Random/Best Sense of Humor– I have never seen Star Wars. Ever. But this little guy is so cute, what’s not to love?

There you have it! Just a few of my favorites from this year, there may be a few more things that will be featured soon- like something to shed some new light in the dining room (hint, hint) I’m so excited and still so thankful and grateful for all the wonderful blessings of this Christmas!


6 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Okay, so now I am a little jealous. Let’s see…I want the cookbooks, birds, placemats, flower picture, and my daughter would probably commit a crime for that big pack of Sharpies! She actually received the small pack of 4 or 5 (You gotta start small when you are 11).

    Thanks so much, enjoyed your gifts!

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