Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas…

Well hello there and Merry Christmas Eve, Eve! I had all kinds of grand things planned that I wanted to share with you before Christmas. I’m not sure how it happened, but for some reason, Christmas came early this year and no one warned me! While I am very happy with all I accomplished around our Home Sweet Here, I just ran out of time to take pictures and blog about all of it. That may be for the best, because do you really want to see where every single nutcracker was placed? Did I tell you how many Nutcrackers I have? Why don’t you take a look at them all lined up, awaiting their placement for the year…

I have a few, right? So are you with me that this is for the best? I thought so!

I was thinking about what I really wanted to share since today is Christmas Eve, Eve and chances are you’re not in need of any DIY inspiration right now. I hope that you are ready to settle down with your families and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. I know that’s what I’m looking forward to doing. So I thought I would share some of my favorite Christmas/Holiday/Entertaining/Whatever Tips that I have learned from the best source of all things home related anywhere.  She had Martha beat before Martha even got started. She is a full-time “professional/mother/wife/baker/cook/decorator/hostess- can do anything in the whole wide world amazingly well while making it look crazy easy” lady and she just happens to be my wonderful Mama. 99.9% of everything that I know home-related came from her so please allow me share  just a few of my most favorite things I’ve learned from her to get you to the happy finish line of this magical Christmas.

1. Use your “good stuff” Sure, paper plates, cups and napkins are convenient- but convenient isn’t your number one priority when you’re entertaining those you care about. Set the table with the good stuff!

2. Make it Pretty. Even if you’re the only one to notice, take that extra little effort- use pretty glasses and proper place settings; upgrade your napkins; light candles; don’t just throw your flowers in a vase, trim, rearrange, do whatever is needed  to make them look just right.

3. All presents are special- wrap them like they are. Coordinate your paper and ribbon with your tree and limit your patterns. You can find great deals on the really pretty ribbon with wire- nothing is prettier or easier to make the perfect present look even more perfect. You can even catch some really great deals after Christmas this year for next year- that’s a bonus hint!

4. Fill up your Tree- My wonderful mother decorates both of my trees because she is an absolute artist with it. My grandfather always loved to watch her decorate the tree because he said she just throws the stuff on there and it ends up in the perfect place. That is exactly how she does it and somehow it turns into a masterpiece! She layers in ribbon, ornaments, branches, leaves, flowers, and the kitchen sink until she gets it just like she likes it. Can I just say Oh Christmas Tree??? (you can see more here)

5. Use what you have- Don’t have a vase? Use a pitcher of a coffee creamer. Don’t have enough candle holders? Use glasses or whatever you have- one of my favorite things are sherbert cups…

6. Always be prepared- You never know when you might need a tablecloth so when you see one on sale, grab it! I felt so accomplished when I hosted a Christmas dinner for 21 and only had to borrow ONE tablecloth from her. She taught me well! Same thing goes for dishes, silverware, glasses, etc. Have a place to store some extras so you’re always ready for the next event.

And there you have just a few highlights of my fabulous mother’s fabulous entertaining and decorating tips. She really is the smartest lady around! You can imagine the kind of Christmas Eve we’ll be enjoying tomorrow so I hope you have just as merry of an occasion.


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