Dare to DIY

Fa-la-la-la-la, it’s that time of the week again! Sunday started my marathon week of entertaining, but there’s always time for a little DIY, especially since Kim at NewlyWoodwards is DARING me! I didn’t have much time, so this week’s project is super fast and crazy easy. I have been doing lots of decking of halls, walls and trees around Home Sweet Here but I wanted something new for this week’s DIY challenge. So I decided to solve a little decorating dilemma I had: I love, love, LOVE getting Christmas cards (like seriously, send me one,it will make my year) but how could I display them to enjoy them, but not take up tons of space?


I’ve pinned several little crafty ways to display them and have lusted over Pottery Barn’s hanger, but at $49  and all the time to make that cute little wreath out of a bajillion clothespins, that’s all I’m doing- pinning and lusting. Yesterday was one of those “use what you got and just do something!” type of days to DIY a solution

I just added a few items to my pantry door and now I think my cards are displayed pretty cute. I had an extra wreath, some wide red ribbon and some little, teeny clothes pins and this is what I got…

Let’s take a closer look…

I think the teeny clothespins are a fun way to attach the cards to the ribbon. They were leftovers from some baby shower decor. I may paint, glitter or decoupage them something snazzy later, but for now they are pretty cute…

And there you have it,10 minute Christmas Conundrum solved! There is only one thing left to say: Merry Christmas Cards to all, and to all a good Monday!



9 thoughts on “Dare to… DECK THE HALLS

  1. Very cute! I love it when people are able to make something useful from things they already have. So smart! And I also just remembered that I have two wreaths just like this … somewhere. ;)

    Thanks so much for linking up to Dare to DIY! I really enjoyed seeing your project.

  2. Your project looks great! It’s always good to have a place for all of those beautiful cards this time of year! Stopping by from NewlyWoodwards DIY Party!

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