Oh Christmas Tree!

How lovely are your branches!!! I love all things Christmas, but I must admit the tree is one of my favorites. The tree is inspired by one Paula Deen had in her Christmas Magazine last year. It was full of red sparkly beautifulness. You’ll just have to trust me because I can’t find a picture anywhere. When I found the picture last year I knew my tree had to look like Paula’s so my amazing mother helped me find the perfect ornaments, ribbon and all kinds of little things to fill in with and I think it is just perfect (better than Paula’s actually, but don’t tell her I said that )

So without further ado, here is the tree…

I love all the red and hints of green. It’s traditional Christmas colors in a slightly untraditional way…

It’s also untraditional that there aren’t any of the “family” ornaments as you would normally think of them. But several have special meaning, like the red birds because my grandmother loved them so much…

And the one we added from our honeymoon to the Biltmore in April…

All we have left do is wrap all the presents in pretty red paper (after I finally get some shopping done!) and the tree will be complete. Thanks so much for stopping by for my favorite piece of Christmas Cheer!


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