Dare to… give homemade gifts!

Dare to DIY

It’s that time again! Kim at NewlyWoodwards has posted another challenge and I am not about to turn down this dare. This week our challenge was to make a homemade gift. Last week I tried the amazing salt dough recipe that is floating around Pinterest. It was so easy and so much fun… 

Then I got them out of the oven. Everything turned out perfectly- if you want to decorate your tree with ornaments that look like burnt, misshapen sugar cookies. It was such an epic fail that you don’t even get to see an after picture. Has anyone had any success with salt dough? Please say it’s not just me that ruined something so easy!

Plan B: Tile Coasters! I found this great tutorial on The Hostess with the Mostess and followed it pretty much to exactly. Here’s what I did:

1. I gathered my supplies:

  • pretty scrapbook paper in coordinating patterns (you can also use gift wrap or even pictures)
  • Mod Podge
  • a foam brush
  • felt sheets
  • rubber cement
  • tiles (go cheap- mine were $0.16 each at Lowe’s)

2. I trimmed my paper just a little bit smaller than the tiles (my tiles were 4 and a half inches so I trimmed to 4 inches.) Some of the tile should show so it seals properly.

3. Then I applied a really thin layer of Mod Podge to the tile then placed the paper over and smoothed it out. Be sure not to pick it up and reapply, but be sure you smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles during this step. It’s your last chance, trust me. 

4. I let it dry for about 20 minutes, then applied a THIN coat to the top. I repeated this about 7 times and let it dry the full 20 minutes in between each coat.

5. Just to be sure it’s really dry, I let it sit for about an hour after the last coat. Then I stuck  my felt to the back with rubber cement. I think if I make these again I will use the felt “stickers” you put on furniture, It will just make it look a bit more polished on the underside.

6. I let them dry a bit longer, like another hour to be sure they were really set. Here’s what the almost finished product looks like.

7. Then I just tied them up and they’re ready to go to someone special!

I must admit, It felt pretty good to redeem myself from the salt dough debacle. I’m really pleased with how easy the coasters were and how great they turned out. I just may have to make a set for myself. I’m someone special enough, right? Merry Christmas to me!


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