Gallery Love, part 1

I have had a pile of frames sitting on the floor for months. Like so many months, I probably shouldn’t say months anymore. I have such high hopes for them to create a perfect gallery wall, like here

and here

and here

But that is such a commitment. Nails in new walls. Pictures to print. Leveling. Hanging. Decisions. Stress!

Well, It just so happens that I was at the brand-spanking-new, totally amazing,  CONTAINER STORE in Nashville this weekend and inspiration hit! It’s Christmas (close enough) so why not, hang the frames and fill in with really pretty gift wrap and Christmas items and finally GET THOSE FRAMES ON THE WALL!

Can you believe that I actually did it the very next day? So here is my super detailed tutorial for a fantabulous gallery wall (that was sarcastic, just so you know)

You have to start somewhere, so I laid them all out on the floor…

and hated it. So  walked away. I tried again and ….

then tweaked it just a bit, but decided it was about as close as I could get to perfect  something I would enjoy looking at every day. So one by one, I hung them. I didn’t use the super strategic methods I’ve read about, I literally took a hammer and started nailing from top right, all the way to the bottom left. I am typically a stickler for levels and having a plan- but I just went with it this time.

The best tip I can give is to take a picture of your layout on the floor, because it gets really confusing when you start breaking them all up. I think I looked back and my floor layout before I hung every picture.

Are you ready for it? I actually did it…

So, here it is. It is NOT perfect and there is still LOTS to do, like:

  • Fix the slightly broken frame that kind of fell off the wall (bonus points if you noticed it)
  • Paint the non-black frames
  • Touch up the chipped ones
  • Replace the hanger on the one that is laying on the ottoman that won’t stay on the wall
  • As much as I love looking at blank frames, FILL THEM UP

I’ll wait for perfection until my to do list is all checked off, but it makes me oh so happy every time I walk by! I love when you come in the front door, you see it in the mirror (that is another project, it’s not even hanging high enough, but that is for another day)

I love that the wall now has some weight to it and looks so much taller than before with just my squatty little stools. I love it! I am so happy. Now, to fill them with some Christmas Cheer…


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