Dare to… Be THANKFUL

Dare to DIY

Hello Linky Friends over at NewlyWoodwards! I am brand spanking new to this blog thing, but why not just jump right in and link up with some of you pros? I have been compiling my ideas and “blogging” in my head for quite some time, but I’m pretty sure only my husband had read the real thing so far. So here goes nothing. Thanks for letting me join the Dare party!

My Dare to be thankful is actually something we were already doing. It is super, duper simple but has been such a joy to maintain. I wanted to do something to really keep the Thanks in Thanksgiving this year. I have a tendency to get very task oriented and forget the little things so when I kept seeing that pin on pinterest (that for some reason won’t let me pin right now, whatevs) but is says “what if you woke up today with the only things you thanked God for yesterday,” and it really made me start thinking. I know that God doesn’t take things away just because we forgot to say thanks, but it makes a great point to ponder.

I am blessed beyond measure, so what better season to start really thinking about being thankful. I remembered this little jar that they used over at Young House Love last year and it was the perfect idea for really being thankful this year.

I loved their their etched glass, but I didn’t have any of that etching stuff and my budget was $0. So I cut up pieces of fall colored cardstock that I already had, stuck a sharpie on the counter, grabbed a glass pitcher and started filling it. I also printed this awesome free printable, stuck it in a frame and Tada!

The only rule is no peeking. We can write little things, big things, whatever we’re thankful for. Simple as that!

We’re even brainstorming ideas to do something similar for the Christmas season- any ideas out there?

Thanks so much for letting a newby link up with all you awesome pros. I think I’m going to go add you all to my thankful jar. See you next week!


9 thoughts on “Dare to… Be THANKFUL

  1. I saw that same quote on Pinterest and pinned it, and It got me thinking, too!!! This is a neat idea of having everyone add something to the jar and waiting to read it:)

  2. Very cute idea! And I love that you used what you have – that is truly creative! I could see this transitioning well into Christmas. Maybe something to be thankful for for each fo the 12 days of Christmas?

    Are you going to eventually read them or keep them? Just curious. My husband’s family keeps a thankful journal and we all write in it each Thanksgiving and read them out loud. Could be a fun scrapbooking idea that you could pull out each year.

    I really appreciate you posting and linking up at Dare to DIY! Can’t wait to see what you else you come up with. Hope you get a chance to check out some other projects, too!

    • Thanks, Kim! I think I forgot to mention that we are going to read them- that may be our “we survived thanksgiving, sit down and relax treat.”
      I love your idea for keeping them and revisiting every year. Should be fun to say what changes and what stays the same. Love your Christmas idea, too. I knew I would get some inspiration for that.
      Thanks again for stopping by and for organizing just the coolest blog party ever!

  3. This is so lovely! I try to get my hubby to say things that he is thankful for, but he won’t take it seriously. Maybe writing it down would work for him. Great idea! Maybe for Christmas you write down the “gifts” you are blessed with from each other or God or family etc.

    Stopping by from the Dare to DIY party!

    • Thanks, Casey! Writing it down works for me for sure and it can be silly stuff and serious stuff. I love your idea for Christmas, too! We’re going to have to keep it going.
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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