Office Redo- Use what you got Storage Solution

I’ve only been in my house for about a year and a half, so I am still in full swing of decorating, moving around, changing, re-doing, all of that constantly. I hope to highlight all of my projects- with some easy how-to’s as well as show you the whole finished (for now) room.

(Side note: before we got married I had to explain to my then fiance that the house would never be finished. If we ever were “finished,” that just means it’s time to start over. Who else has had the conversation? You know you have!)

One of my first projects was for the 3rd bedroom I planned to use as an office. Here is is before I moved in:

Please excuse the funny shadow, but this is the only real before pic I took of this room. Anyway, it’s pretty basic, but a decent size.

So I knew I wanted an office and I already had a black desk and couple of other pieces that were displaced from other rooms in the old house but it needed more “wow.”

So I started searching and found a super inspiring picture from a Home Decorators Collection Catalog that I sadly can no longer find, but it gave me the inspiration.

It was black, white, and somewhere in between a teal and robins egg blue and it was beautiful. Now, I knew what I wanted my office to look like, but I still had a little problem. I just bought this house, so I had limited to no budget. I was in full blown “repurpose mode.”

It was time to get creative, so I thought of this old entertainment center sitting in my parents storage shed. I really was too nice to throw away and they had tried to give it away a few times with no takers. It would now be mine!

The only problem- it was disgusting, out of date, dirty and didn’t have any doors (I remembered it with doors!) I wasn’t going to put a TV in it, so this may not work. And maybe it wasn’t as nice as i remembered…

It looked pretty hopeless when we got it out of storage, but I was forgetting that I have a super handyman- my daddy!

Now it was time to get to work! I picked out a color, (Valspar Lafonda Aqua from Lowes) planned a solution for the cut out back, reconfigured the shelves, and put him to work!

I am not going to pretend that this was a super easy paint and done project. The piece had been stored on it’s side for several years and was slightly warped. It took 3 of us to get it (mostly) back in shape and some of the fancy veneer was peeling off so that required some additional sanding.

We added some stronger 1/4 inch plywood to the back for stability. I wanted to give it and extra “custom” look and totally fit it with my vision for the room so I covered the plywood with a coat of spray adhesive and stuck on some fabric I bought way back when crazy on sale for my old house and never used.

After some finagling to get the doors back on, it is finished and in its spot and I LOVE it! It is not perfect (which my daddy reminded me of many times), but it is beyond perfect for the space! I added some accessories- some I already had, picked up the little boxes and magazine holders at Ikea and it is now exactly what I needed! LOVE IT!!!

Tada! What do you think? Check back soon for the whole room…

Update: Curious about how to get paint to stick to veneer? Check out my tutorial on another little project here. Both pieces are holding up great! 


13 thoughts on “Office Redo- Use what you got Storage Solution

  1. Great upcycle! I love the color and especially the fabric background! I’ve been toying with doing something similar like that with a cabinet I have~this inspires me to try it! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the transformation!

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    • Hi Nicole! For that very reason, I left that part to my daddy who is the best painter EVER. But he just sanded enough to “knock the shine off” the veneer and primed and painted. It has held up really, really well. I would love to see how yours turns out. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  5. How did you add the shelves? I am looking to do something similar for additional kitchen storage but don’t know how to add shelves.

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